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Bought this cooler for my husband as a hunting season gift, and he loves it!  We own other roto-molded coolers, but this is just as good for 1/3 the price.

Stephanie O.

Guys Camping Weekend 2016 a success because of this cooler.  It did it's job and kept our beers cold all weekend.  Amazing product and better yet, I can afford it!

Ben B.

Keeps my sweet tea ice cold and my hot coffee, hot! What more could you ask for?!  Love that this product does what it promises!

Brianna D.

Rotomolded Coolers

The best coolers money can buy are high end rotomolded coolers. Frosty Coolers keep ice for an extended period of time but also these coolers are built to last a lifetime.

Frosty Coolers, is one of the fastest growing companies in St. Louis, MO has come a long way from where it all began. We take immense pride in serving customers with roto molded coolers that serve them better in every possible way.

We use rotomolded manufacturing to build these coolers, the same way kayaks, road barriers, carts and other high end plastic parts are made to last through all weather conditions and the greatest enemy of time. These high-end ice coolers are under strict quality control to ensure every consumer is getting a product with premium quality. With insulated walls and sweat free design, these coolers will hold ice for camping, fishing, boating, tailgating or just backyard bbq.

The performance is what makes these the best rotomolded coolers that money can buy.

Why Choose Frosty Coolers?

We create some of the best rotomolded coolers in the market for the most affordable price. Our reviews on Amazon and Facebook speak for themselves with a near perfect rating. We have strict manufacturing protocol along with our high end materials and features provide a very premium cooler at a very affordable price for our customers. Most of our coolers are being purchased for:

- Hunting - Camping - Tailgating - BBQing - Extreme Adventuring.

It goes without saying that you need the highest quality rotomolded cooler that offers all the features you need while staying affordable you’re looking at cheap roto molded coolers, you know what to choose one of our high end ice cooler (rotomolded).

These high quality cheap rotomolded coolers are built to the same specs as our competitors while not holding the same price tag. Our coolers hold ice for days, ice in rotomolded coolers can stay frozen for approximately 3-10 days (of course, depending on the size, conditions and usage).

Insulated Cooler for Camping

In fact, our frosty coolers are a great way to reward your employees, express your gratitude to clients, promoting an event, or raise money for a charitable cause.

At Frosty Coolers, we take a great sense of pride in the craftsmanship of our coolers. Our coolers like many other competitors are one of the most sought after rotomolded coolers available on the market today due to our quality, features, service and price. We will sell rotomolded coolers wholesale under our dealer program. Please reach out to for more information. We assure you that buying rotomolded coolers is an investment that’s worth every cent you spend.